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Calculus 1 - Interactive

How does the final velocity on a zip line change when the starting point is raised or lowered by a matter of centimeters? What is the accuracy of a GPS position measurement? How fast should an airplane travel to minimize fuel consumption? The answers to all of these questions involve the derivative.
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Calculus is used in many aspects of Physics and Engineering.
But what is the derivative? You will learn its mathematical notation, physical meaning, geometric interpretation, and be able to move fluently between these representations of the derivative. You will discover how to differentiate any function you can think up, and develop a powerful intuition to be able to sketch the graph of many functions. You will make linear and quadratic approximations of functions to simplify computations and gain intuition for system behavior. You will learn to maximize and minimize functions to optimize properties like cost, efficiency, energy, and power.

What's included?

  • 5 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 38+ Videos
  • 38+ Practice Assignments
  • Instructor Support

Learn Calculus for Engineering

You will learn about functions, the limit of a function, derivatives and rates of change, integrals, and more!

Real-World Projects

 This course will not just present bland formulas, definitions, and assignments but covers the application as well into practical real-world engineering problems.
Note: More modules will be shown as they are released.
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