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Ever wondered how to design a car, a robot, or your own Millennium Falcon space ship? Engineers build the future, and RocketGear will teach your the skills whether you are studying for a college program, pursuing a passion, or bringing your product idea to life!

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An Immersive Learning Experience

RocketGear provides multiple course formats with community and live-instructor engagement.

Complete Projects

Our curriculum is designed are you with flexible options of "learn as you go" or an "interactive" mode. Both contain projects that challenge you to apply the material you've learned.

Get Feedback

RocketGear is an active learning experience where you receive real feedback from industry professionals and are able to interact with our students and the instructor on a weekly basis.

Build the Future

From the lessons you've learned and the practical application reinforcing the material, you embark on your journey to build the future, but not alone with continued support from fellow builders and your instructor.


With other STUDENTS


AT your own pace or interactively


Bring your product to life
and develop Practical experience
Engineering Mechanics

Industry Tools & Projects

Our curriculum is application focused incorporating elements of theory as they are encountered in the application giving you concrete steps for bringing your hardware product to life.

If you are a student looking for an extra edge in the classroom by building practical experience, it will complement your studies putting theory into action. Topics include engineering mechanics, engineering design, 3D CAD using PTC Creo, computer programming for the engineer, Physics with an engineering focus, and more.


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